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Six Lenins Six Lenins

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There's nothing wrong with a bit of minimalism. Sure it doesn't have variety but that's the point of using repetition as a technique, literally the image is repeated until it has no meaning or value (the end hints at a possible unification of the image until it doesn't look like Lennin anymore.) I think that is what you tried to get across rather than difference within repetition by using color or something else.

the powier of nature the powier of nature

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Mirror effect is a great technique. The choices were great and the cool and soft colors give the piece a calm appearance regardless of the grotesque objects. Nice one.

jasioslaw responds:

Thanks for your feedback, btw. you have made my day with the "Kalle J - Vingslag", i think thats what you had on your mind writing the topic of your review. :)

Joy 14 Joy 14

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Such a dilemma

I applaud Lloyd's decision. That banshee needed a door slammed on her face...